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For Patients
For Patients

Find out how the ISA can reduce pain on the inner side of your knee

For Medical Professionals
For Medical Professionals

Find out if the ISA might be right for your patients

Unique features

Benefits of joint unloading

The shock absorber for your knee

The implantable shock absorber (ISA) is implanted under the skin, alongside your knee joint.

Joint preserving and tissue sparing

Unlike joint replacement procedures, none of your bone, ligament, or cartilage is removed during the procedure.
Pain-free activities

The unloaded lifestyle

The ISA is uniquely designed to treat your knee OA pain by absorbing excess load that is supported by your affected knee joint.

Unique biomaterials

As the knee extends, the PCU (Polycarbonate Urethane) absorber compresses and absorbs joint overload. As the knee flexes, the PCU absorber relaxes and becomes passive.
Unique biomaterials – Polycarbonate Urethane